DK2 Early Impressions

Most of our team have their Oculus Rift DK2 headsets now. The DK2 (or “Developer Kit 2″) is the second version of the virtual reality headset made by Oculus, the now Facebook-owned company that kickstarted this modern and potentially mainstream VR-era we”re entering into. The DK1 was a landmark device for VR. How does the DK2 compare? Read on for my early impressions.

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Lobby Concepts and Unity Framework

We have some exciting news and developments to share about our project.

First of all, our team has a new member… Alex from Form3Studio has joined us as our resident 3d modeling/design guru. He builds hyper-realistic renders of architecture for a living and is putting those talents towards crafting us an immersive learning environment for Learn in VR.

That slick render above is one of Alex”s early (fully modeled) concepts for a lobby space. It won”t be long until we”re walking around there in VR!

You can view more early renders of the lobby by following this gallery link:

There”s more…

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